Review process

Manuscripts are evaluated on the basis that they present new insights to the investigated topic, are likely to contribute to a research progress. It is understood that all authors listed on a manuscript have agreed to its submission.

Review process takes place in the following way:
  1. The submission is the pre-reviewed by the Editorial Office (checking the completeness of the submission, suitability of the subject matter, etc.). The Editorial Office reserves the right to decline further processing of the manuscript without explaining the reason, even if it meets all the requirements. The editors of the journal will review the paper to ensure that the subject matter is in line with that of the journal, and that it fits with the editorial platform.
  2. The registered manuscript is sent to three qualified reviewers for scientific evaluation. The reviewers are specialists in the field covered by the article.
  3. The reviewers are chosen by the editors of the journal. During a submission process authors are asked to suggest preferred and non-preferred reviewers, although the editors do not guarantee sending/not sending the article to the suggested reviewers. The Reviewer selected should not be related to the Author, come from the same research centre or be involved in the same research project as the Author. Authors will not be informed about editors’ decisions in this regard. Names of all reviewers, without revealing who has reviewed which article, are published alphabetically once a year.
  4. A double-blind review process is our standard, i.e. neither the reviewer knows the name(s) of the author(s) nor the author(s) are informed who is going to review their article.
  5. The review is submitted to the editorial office on-line. Manuscripts are accepted unconditionally if two of three reviewers agree that the work can be published in its present form. If the reviewers disagree or feel that the manuscript should be accepted subject to specific corrections, the editors may decide to send the work to another reviewer or return it to the author for correction. The ultimate decision to accept for publication, accept subject to correction, or reject a work is the prerogative of the Editor-in Chief or his Deputy. The editors are not obliged to justify their decision. All correspondence with the authors is conducted exclusively by e-mail through the Editorial System.
  6. The evaluation process should not take longer than 21 days on average, but the editors cannot guarantee an editorial decision within any established deadline. Authors can check the status of their manuscript (awaiting reviewer selection, awaiting reviewer scores, etc.) online in their Author’s centre. Additionally, Authors are notified by e-mail about every decision made by the Editorial Office regarding their manuscript.

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